M.A.D. House Basketball

Our youth basketball league is a tool we leverage than than a league where we compete. We are working on the fundamentals of showing up, total effort, teamwork, and leadership. Living out these four principles gives you a foundation to live out the acronym M.A.D.—Making A Difference. Over 100 students tryout to be one of 72 players in the league yet the tryout has nothing to do with skill. All students have to do is simply show up three Friday nights in a row. It’s a co-ed league and the ages range from 12-18.

Make A Difference

Each week, teams have a basketball practice where they must live out the principles. They must contact their coach to let them know they are showing up for practice, they must give total effort and be a team player during practice, and then show leadership on and off the court. If a student practices these principles, then and only then are they eligible to play in the Friday night game—if not they must sit the bench.

Growth Mindset

Our mindsets are often fixed meaning we believe we can do somethings and other things we cannot. Throughout the year, students are learning about other athletes and leaders who prove that the brain is like any other muscle—you either work it out or it gets sluggish. Each students comes to understand that changing our mindset begins with understanding that growth comes with strategy, effort, and help.

Pathway to Thrive

No one is successful alone—not in basketball and not in life. Students learn through practice and the guided lessons that to thrive, you need a team. Research shows that having a growth mindset, engaging your spark, and having at least three adults who encourage your growth—your chances of thriving skyrocket. We work on naming our sparks and locating adults who currently or could potentially become champions for us.

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