Afterschool Enrichment

Our research shows that academic achievement is a byproduct of a student who has found passion for life and so our enrichment strategy is just as important to us as our academic strategy. Enrichments are “electives” with purpose. That purpose being “Spark Discovery.” Students finding that “something” deep within that has the potential to be activity, job, hobby, or skill that makes them want to wake up each day.

Spark Exploration (2nd-5th)

Students who are in Elementary school being with Spark exploration. They are engaged in two Spark classes a semester—totaling four a year—that cover a broad spectrum of subjects and hobbies. After couple of years of exploring a vast range of possible Sparks, we help students assess their top 3 Sparks that they would like to enrich in Middle School.

Spark Engagement (6th-9th)

Once students have identified some primary Sparks, we help them enrich those Sparks to help nurture and grow them. Spark class sizes are smaller and more specific. The teachers are more likely to be professionals in that Spark field and their curriculum more advanced. Most students begin to hyper focus on their 1-2 top Sparks and begin envisioning what it would look like to now live that Spark out.

Spark Experience (10th-12th)

For our rising Juniors and Seniors, we want them now to experience their Spark in the wild. Through our many business and community partners, we arrange for our high schoolers to volunteer or work once or twice a week for two hours at a local business that allows them to experience their Spark professionally. We hope this is an onramp for internships, summer jobs, or just resume builders for our youth leaders.

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