After ten years of doing workforce development programming, we ran into a problem. We were graduating more adults prepared for work and it was exceeding our ability to place people into networked jobs. Others were finding work but were struggling to find living-wage employment. These tensions led to further study and discussions on how we might address these roadblocks. These discussions led to the formation of Neighbor Enterprises: social enterprises with the goal of making living-wage employment accessible to people in our community.
The Mission: to help our neighbors thrive and reach their fullest potential.

We do this by creating pathways to living-wage employment. We make living-wage employment accessible for people in our community. 


The Vision: to create community-based businesses at Neighbor to Neighbor.
Our hope is that our economic ecosystem will create employment stability and our employee support services will help people to overcome barriers to employment permanently.  

Our Commitments

1. Provide high-quality services to our customers and stakeholders. 

2. We hire from within the Neighbor to Neighbor community — we hire people we’ve known for a really long time!

3. We create better working conditions so our employees thrive and experience joy through their work. 

4. We pay each of our employees a living-wage. 

Get Connected to our Social Enterprises

Since 2017, Neighbor Moving is Raleigh’s first social enterprise moving company. Whether you’re moving across town or across the state, we provide a full-range of professional relocation services that will exceed your expectations and help to alleviate the stress of moving. We are fully bonded and licensed and with over +1000 unique moves under our belt with an average rating of 4.9/5 stars, we look forward to you being our next satisfied customer. Visit us online:

Neighbor Cleaning is our first home maintenance social enterprise. Our team has over ten years of industry experience and desire to offer the best service in Raleigh. We would to love make your home feel like an oasis again. We also offer cleaning services for corporate offices as well. Visit us online: 

Neighbor Lawn Care is our second home maintenance enterprise. Our highly experienced and trained team are passionate about lawn care and maintenance—and they treat each lawn as if it were their own. From home yards to corporate office groundskeeping, we are equipped to service your property and have a package for you. Visit us online: