After ten years of doing workforce development programming, we ran into a problem. We were graduating more adults prepared for work than ever and it was exceeding our ability to place people into networked jobs. Others were finding work but were struggling to find high paying employment. These tensions led to neighbors beginning to ponder the idea of starting their own businesses that would hire other neighbors from the neighborhood. These thoughts birthed Neighbor Enterprises: for-profit social enterprises from our community.
The Mission
To create an alternative economic ecosystem that provides pathways for individuals in our community to thrive and realize their fullest potential in the workforce.
The Vision
To create a cluster of thriving community-based businesses that will provide living-wage employment opportunities to folks who have been historically marginalized from mainstream economic means.

The Commitments

  1.  We are committed to hiring, training, and promoting from within our local community and network. The businesses are an extension of our organizational mentoring philosophy.

  2. We are committed, from day one, to pay at or above a living-wage for each Neighbor Enterprise employee.

  3. We are committed to providing market competitive, high-quality services and/or products that meet and exceed customer expectations.

  4. We are committed to giving all profits back to employees and/or re-investing back into the enterprises for further growth and scale.


Check out our frist two successful enterprises:

Beginning in 2015, Neighbor Catering, a Southeast Raleigh catering business provides unique foods and remarkable catering services at a very reasonable price to non-profits, churches, business partners as well as private events in the NC Triangle area. We would love to help make your next meeting, event, or party a huge success. We are currently closed do to the COVID-19 pandemic but will be back soon! 

Beginning in 2017, Neighbor Moving is a locally owned and operated moving company based in Raleigh, NC. We offer a full-range of professional relocation services that will meet your expectations and help to alleviate the stress of moving. Whether you’re moving across town or across the state, we would be honored for you to choose us for your relocation needs. Visit us online: